Understanding Mental Health

Welcome! These educational pages are provided as a public service by the North Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians to expand your knowledge and understanding of mental health issues. They will help you learn about mental disorders and mental illness; the different types of mental health professionals, treatments and environments; and other aspects of seeking and obtaining appropriate help.

Beyond helping you become more familiar with these topics, we hope you will become more comfortable and actively involved in taking care of your or your loved ones’ mental health. Mental health is essential to our quality of life and our ability to achieve our full potential. It allows us to cope with life’s challenges, contribute to our communities, and attain our dreams for our families and ourselves.

If you have been touched by mental illness or addictions, know that professional help and caring support are here for you right in North Texas, and that you are not alone. In fact, in 2013, 34.6 million U.S. adults – 14.6 percent of the population aged 18 or older – received mental health care during the preceding 12 months.

Learn more about these subjects:

What is mental health? What is a mental illness? What causes mental illness and who is affected?

Learn more about mental health and mental Illness >


Why does mental health matter? What are the benefits of obtaining care, and when should you seek help?

Find out more about getting help and treatment >


Who provides mental health care? How do specialists differ in training, approach, and types of care or services?

Learn about the types of mental health practitioners >


In what types of facilities or environments is treatment provided and for whom is each setting appropriate?

Explore the different types of treatment settings and levels of care >


What are other sources and types of supportive mental-health-related services?

Discover other helpful support resources >


What are the primary types of psychiatric disorders? What are their symptoms? How are they treated?

Learn about common mental disorders >


For what other life challenges and emotional stressors is mental health care beneficial?

Consider getting help for other mental health/emotional concerns>


What types of treatment are available for mental conditions and emotional or behavioral issues?

Find out about mental health treatment options >


Where can I find other reliable mental health information online? How do I evaluate sources?

Check out reputable resources for more info on mental health matters >